AMAROK wanted to build a strategic accounts team to expand contracts within high-value clients. They needed an SDR to do the prospecting work to connect directors with interested sites.


Working closing with Directors on the relationship with each account, we researched individual locations to determine fit based on location type and developed custom messaging for each account based on our relationship.


  • 400 meetings booked
  • 7-figures closed in contract value
  • The AMAROK strategic accounts team has grown from 1 to 4 Directors
  • 3 years working together
“Over the past two years, AMAROK has utilized Leadlio services for Strategic Account outreach. During this time, Leadlio provided over 400 leads and meetings set, equating to about 16 meetings per month or 4 per week. As a result, AMAROK was able to close over $1,000,000 in new total contract value. We love the interaction and customization Leadlio provides (via Salesforce, Outreach, and ZoomInfo techstack) at a regional/corporate level with our prospects. Our partnership with Leadlio is money well spent!”
Drew Leppert
VP of Enterprise Sales