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Leadlio is an outbound lead generation agency that books meetings with your key accounts.

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AMAROK wanted to build a strategic accounts team to expand contracts within high-value clients. They needed an SDR to do the…
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Fuel Cycle

Fuel Cycle’s Client Accounts team wanted to identify new buying centers & opportunities within existing clients. Leadlio assigned a Rep, Dani,…
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We Become Your Inside Sales (SDR) Team


Develop the engagement strategy and manage the entire team & process.

Sales Person

Engage top accounts with a “one-to-one” approach.


We bring all the data and engagement tools necessary.

CRM Integration

Your data is yours. We fully integrate into your CRM.

We Set Meetings For Our Clients With Brands You Know

Outbound Lead Generation

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“Leadlio provided over 400 leads and meetings set, equating to about 16 meetings per month or 4 per week. As a result, AMAROK was able to close over $1,000,000 in new total contract value.”

Drew Leppert


“In 1.5 years, they helped us build not just our outbound process, but our sales process. With our 2 reps, we consistently booked 10-15 meetings / month & closed 21 contracts with new customers.”

Drew Daum



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Why Work With Us

How We’re Different

Our “Account-Based” approach. Rather than the ol’ “spray & pray”, we personalize all of our outreach. This allows us to get into your strategic accounts with a higher success rate. We specialize in high-tech solutions and have the case studies to back it up. See below.

White-Labeled Team

Our team becomes part of your team. We now represent your brand.

Team Quality

Everyone on our team has 4 to 15 years of professional B2B sales experience.

Meeting Quality

We qualify & book meetings for you based on metrics that will help sales conversions.

Additional Value

Our goal is to get meetings with your target accounts

  • Target your best-fit accounts based on various fit factors
  • Personalize outreach to each account based on account research
  • Schedule qualified meetings directly on your calendar

do you have a question?

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about SDR services. If you still have questions, would like to get more information or would like to speak with a representative, just click the button below.

An inside sales SDR, or Sales Development Representative, is a professional who focuses on prospecting and qualifying leads for the sales team. They are responsible for researching and identifying potential customers, reaching out to them through various channels (such as phone calls, emails, or social media), and nurturing those leads until they are ready to be handed off to the sales team for further engagement and conversion.

Inside sales SDR services can bring several benefits to your business. They help in maximizing sales productivity by allowing your sales team to focus on closing deals while SDRs handle lead generation and qualification. SDRs can help increase the quantity and quality of leads by employing proven prospecting techniques. Additionally, they can enhance customer engagement by providing personalized and timely follow-ups, improving the overall customer experience.

Traditional sales approaches often involve a salesperson taking on multiple responsibilities, including lead generation, qualification, and closing deals. Inside sales SDR services, on the other hand, specialize in lead generation and qualification, allowing sales teams to concentrate on converting qualified leads into customers. SDRs leverage technology, data analytics, and targeted outreach strategies to efficiently identify and engage potential customers, resulting in a more streamlined and effective sales process.

Yes, inside sales SDR services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. SDR providers typically work closely with you to understand your target audience, value proposition, and specific goals. They develop customized strategies and messaging to align with your brand and ensure that the lead generation efforts are aligned with your business objectives.

Measuring the success of inside sales SDR services involves tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) related to lead generation and conversion. Some common metrics include the number of qualified leads generated, conversion rates, revenue generated from SDR-sourced leads, and the time it takes for leads to progress through the sales funnel. By analyzing these metrics, you can assess the effectiveness of the SDR services and make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales and marketing efforts.

Our packages

Prices For Our Services

$5,500 / mo.

Full Service Plan

  • Results: 6-12+ meetings / Mo.
  • Outreach: LinkedIn, Personalized Email & Phone
  • Communication: Weekly Plans, Team Chat & Bi-Weekly Calls
  • CRM Data Entry & Reports: Yes
  • Contract: Month-to-Month

$3,500 / mo.

Email Only plan

  • Results: 4-8 meetings / mo.
  • Outreach: Personalized Email
  • Communication: Weekly Plans & Team Chat
  • CRM Data Entry & Reports: Yes
  • Contract: Month-To-Month