Fuel Cycle’s Client Accounts team wanted to identify new buying centers & opportunities within existing clients.


Leadlio assigned a Rep, Dani, to the program. Dani worked closely with the Fuel Cycle team to ensure 1) we’re approaching each account professionally (they are paying customers after all) and 2) thinking through buying centers, pitches & opportunities. Through our research using their CRM & our ZoomInfo license, Dani mapped each account to find new departments, subsidiaries, etc… Using her research, Dani developed strong personalized messages for each account.


  • Within Dani’s 1st week, she uncovered an opportunity with a F500 financial firm.
  • 7 months later, the team closed the largest deal in the company’s history with an F50 tech company.
  • Happy with the results, the team decided to add a 2nd Leadlio Rep
“Leadlio, with their thoughtful and thorough approach to business development has been the best choice in providing Fuel Cycle with outbound lead generation. They have a proven process in place that enables them to hit the ground running and deliver results!”
Polly Speros
Chief Customer Officer