Build an account-based SDR program that could successfully target enterprise CPG & Retail accounts.


  1. We worked closed with the sales & marketing team to develop target accounts & plays. Together, we had 3 extremely successful plays.
  2. Direct Mail – In 3 months, we booked 18 meetings and closed 1 deal with Kellogg’s.
  3. Client Evangelization – Working closely with a client champion, we hosted a virtual lunch & learn to share more about how they use the software. We promoted this to contacts at various brands under the larger parent company umbrella. We generated 5 opportunities and closed a deal with NBC.
  4. Account-Based – Targeting key accounts with personalized messaging, we booked 60 meetings and closed 1 deal.


  • Closed $400k ARR
  • 80 meetings booked
  • 8x ROI
  • 1 year working together