Scansure wanted to find more long-term, repeat clients in the New England area without hiring an internal rep.


The Scansure value prop is clear – speed & accuracy. Leadlio created personalized outreach for each Architecture firm in order to drive interest.


  • Within 4 months, Scansure was able to close 5 new deals.
  • These new deals quickly allowed Scansure to increase their client pool that they can continue to nurture and develop over the years.
“Within a few months, they had not only put me in touch with a variety of new leads, but had targeted their campaigns so intelligently that many of those new leads were quickly turning into repeat customers! In a few short months, they had effectively doubled my repeat customer pool, bringing new life and opportunities to my business after years of stagnant growth. And the best part was that they handled the whole process seamlessly – I just had to close the deals!”
Douglas Magners
Co-Founder and Architectural Strategic Coordinator